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 Calcium Ascorbate
FOODCHEM is the Calcium Ascorbate supplier and manufacturer, engaged in the export and wholesale of Calcium Ascorbate for more than 10 years. The MOQ of Calcium Ascorbate is 1000 kgs, if you need only a small amount, please contact the local distributor of Calcium Ascorbate. Any suggestions and questions about the Calcium Ascorbate, please send Email to, we will reply within 24 hours.

Calcium Ascorbate

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Calcium Ascorbate  as a white to light yellow crystalline powder, odorless, soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol, insoluble in ether. 10% aqueous solution of pH 6.8 to 7.4.Calcium Ascorbate added to foods without changing the taste of food, can easily be added to food in the absorption of calcium, multi-use as antioxidants.As a professional supplier and manufacturer of food additives, Foodchem International Corporation has been supplying quality Calcium Ascorbate to customers all over the world for over 10 years. If you have any questions or wish to receive a quote, please feel free to reach us by or by phone: +86 21 2206 3075. Our sales person will get back to you in 1 working day.

About Calcium Ascorbate E302-CAS-No.5743-28-2
Calcium Ascorbate
 features wide use, early development,  easy synthesis, less pollution, high efficiency and lower costs. Of our food additives and food ingredients. Calcium Ascorbate is a compound with the molecular formula CaC12H14O12. Calcium Ascorbate is the Calcium Ascorbate salt of ascorbic acid, one of the mineral ascorbates.

Calcium Ascorbate  system of law
E302 ascorbic acid and the alkaline and calcium in the system.

E302 identification method
Take a small amount of E302 soluble in water, add 2 drops of methyl red indicator, with ammonia and then add dilute hydrochloric acid to acid, adding ammonium oxalate solution to generate calcium oxalate precipitation. This precipitate insoluble and soluble in hydrochloric acid is the E302.
5743-28-2 can add soup and soup-style food and supplies, E302 without changing the original taste of food and physical activity to lose calcium VC. So Calcium Ascorbate is a dual-function agent, to prevent rickets, scurvy.

  • Specification
Items Standards
Appearance White to slightly yellow
Identification Positive
Assay  99.0 ‐ 101.0%
Specific optical rotation +103° ‐ +106°
Clarity of solution Clear
pH (10%, W/V ) 7.0 ‐ 8.0
Loss on drying % 0.25  Max
Sulphate (mg/kg) % 150  Max
Total heavy metals % 0.001  Max
Lead % 0.0002  Max
Arsenic % 0.0003  Max
Mercury  % 0.0001  Max
Zinc % 0.0025  Max
Copper % 0.0005  Max
Residual Solvents (as Menthanol) % 0.3  Max
Total plate count (cfu/g) 1000  Max
Yeasts & molds (cuf/g) 100  Max
E.coli/ g Negative
Salmonella/ 25g Negative
Staphylococcus aureus/ 25g Negative

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