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 Food additives contained in: "Gold coke"

    Food additives contained in: "Gold coke"

    by shawn 2017-04-26

    Food additives contained in: "Gold coke".
    -Emulsion E 322: soy lecithin, soy derived emulsifier. Soy lecithin is rich in omega-3, omega-6, choline, inositol and minerals such as iron, calcium and phosphorus. One of the main properties of soy lecithin is to lower cholesterol, improve body metabolism and promote brain function.
    - Leavening agent E 500: sodium carbonate, flaking agent for industrial products. There are currently no side effects associated with the consumption of this additive.
    - Leavening agent E 503: Ammonium carbonate, a natural compound obtained from ammonium sulphate and used as a sweetening agent in sweet products. It can form gas in the stomach after ingestion.
    -Lievitating E 450: diphosphate, additive used for its yeast and acidity regulator functions. It is recommended to consume this additive moderately as it may cause digestive problems, poor mineral assimilation, and hyperactivity risks.
    -Acidifying E 330: Citric acid, from a nutritional point of view, favors iron absorption and hampers the formation of kidney stones, also performs a bland bactericidal and anti-arthritic action. Excessive consumption of citric acid can affect enamel and facilitate dental erosion; For this reason, dentists recommend waiting a few minutes before brushing their teeth after eating acid products. Citric acid is a good urinary alkaliniser and can therefore be used to enhance the therapeutic activity of ursin grain in the presence of urinary tract infections and in the prevention of urinary calcification from uric acid. There are no known side effects related to the consumption of this additive.

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