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 Food additives contained in: "Kinder Bueno"

    Food additives contained in: "Kinder Bueno"

    by shawn 2017-04-26

    Food additives contained in: "Kinder Bueno".
    -Emulsion E 322: soy lecithin, soy derived emulsifier. Soy lecithin is rich in omega-3, omega-6, choline, inositol and minerals such as iron, calcium and phosphorus. One of the main properties of soy lecithin is to lower cholesterol, improve body metabolism and promote brain function.
    - Leavening agent E 500: sodium carbonate, flaking agent for industrial products. There are currently no side effects associated with the consumption of this additive.
    - Leavening agent E 503: Ammonium carbonate, a natural compound obtained from ammonium sulphate and used as a sweetening agent in sweet products. It can form gas in the stomach after ingestion.

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