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 Classification and Production Status of Sorbic Acid

    Classification and Production Status of Sorbic Acid

    by shawn 2017-04-13

    Sorbic acid is sorbic acid, potassium sorbate and calcium sorbate.

    Sorbic acid is insoluble in water, the use of the first to be dissolved in ethanol or potassium hydrogen sulfate, the use of inconvenient and irritating, it is generally not commonly used; calcium sorbate FAO / WHO provides its use of small, so also Do not use; potassium sorbate is not their shortcomings, soluble in water, the use of a wide range, we can often in some beverages, preserved fruit, canned food to see its shadow; here I focus on the introduction of potassium sorbate: It is unsaturated hexacarbonate; the general market for the sale of potassium sorbate was white or light yellow particles, the content of 98% - 102%; no smell, or slightly smell, easy to absorb moisture, easy to oxidize and brown , The light, heat stability, the relative density of 1.363, melting point at 270 ℃ decomposition, the 1% solution PH: 7-8.

    Potassium sorbate is an acidic preservative, has a high antibacterial properties, inhibit the growth and reproduction of mold; it is mainly through the inhibition of microbial organisms in the dehydrogenase system, so as to achieve the inhibition of microbial growth and anti-corrosion effect on bacteria, The effect of yeast was inhibited, and the effect was decreased with the increase of pH. When the pH reached 3, the bacteriostasis reached the peak. When the pH reached 6, the antibacterial activity was still at 6, but the lowest concentration (MIC) could not be at the end of 0.2% Proof PH: 3.2 PH2.4 potassium sorbate solution impregnated, sterile treatment of food preservation period is short 2-4 times.

    Sorbic acid, potassium sorbate and calcium sorbate have the same mechanism of action as those of benzoic acid and nipagin, with a permissible amount of 25 mg / kg, 5 times benzoic acid, 2.5 Times is a relatively safe food preservatives; in China can be used for soy sauce, vinegar, pasta sauce, jam, pickles, canned and some alcohol and so on food.

    Potassium sorbate CAS No : 590-00-1

    HS No:2916190090

    E No:E202

    Sorbic acid CAS No: 110-44-1

    HS No: 2916190090

    E No:E200

    For children's food and beverage regulations can not use sodium benzoate, only with sorbic acid or potassium sorbate. But some manufacturers in order to save costs, the use of toxic sodium benzoate, hoping for their own and family health, in the purchase of various types of food and beverages pay attention to the ingredients, do not care, this toxicity will not cause us to immediately die, or immediately There is a big disease, but it is a hidden dangers of our body, give us a lot of cancer and other diseases on the possibility of cancer.

    The United States, Western Europe, Japan is the production of food preservatives are more concentrated countries and regions.Eastntan company is the only US production of sorbic acid and its salt manufacturers, in 1991 to buy Monsanto's sorbic acid production plant. Production capacity of 5,000 tons / year, accounting for 55% to 60% of the US market; Hoehst company is the only German and Western Europe sorbic acid manufacturers, is also the world's largest sorbate production plant. Its capacity is 7,000 tons / year, accounting for about 1/4 of world production; Japan is the world's largest producer of preservatives, the total output has reached 10000 ~ 14000 tons / year, the world's potassium sorbate production of about 45% 50% mainly from Japan's contest Luo, synthetic chemicals, Su Su and Ueno Pharmaceutical and other four companies, the device capacity followed by an annual output of 5000,2800,2400,2400 tons.

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