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 Food additives contained in "Oasis Blood Orange"

    Food additives contained in "Oasis Blood Orange"

    by shawn 2017-04-13

    Food additives contained in "Oasis Blood Orange".

    -Acidificante E 330: citric acid, from a nutritional point of view favors the absorption of iron and hinders the formation of kidney stones, also performs a mild bactericidal action and anti-arthritic. An excessive consumption of citric acid can harm the enamel and facilitating dental erosion; This is why dentists recommend waiting a few minutes before brushing your teeth after eating acidic products. Citric acid is an excellent urinary alkalizing, can then be used to potentiate the therapeutic activity grape ursi in the presence of urinary tract infections, and in the prevention of urinary stones from uric acid. There is no known specific side effects associated with the consumption of this additive.

    -Acidificante E 1450: octenyl and sodium starch, chemically modified starch which has the purpose of making tolerate the products that contain the machining processes. When we do not know side effects for humans.

    -Antiossidante 300 E: ascorbic acid (vitamin C), used to prevent browning of foods and as an antioxidant to prevent the conversion of nitrates into nitrites. At the concentrations used in the food industry, ascorbic acid and its derivatives do not produce any adverse effect.

    -Colorante: E 120: cochineal (carminic acid): natural red color of egg yolk and also obtained from the extraction of the dried bodies of the female American ladybug that contains up to 10% of carminic acid, the main coloring agent of many drinks . Not recommended for children in general, especially asthmatics and allergy sufferers. You are in: pharmaceutical products, syrups and lozenges, candies, jellies, smoked sausage, roasted products. ALLOWED in Europe.

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