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 Ferrous Fumarate
FOODCHEM is the Ferrous Fumarate supplier and manufacturer, engaged in the export and wholesale of Ferrous Fumarate for more than 10 years. The MOQ of Ferrous Fumarate is 1000 kgs, if you need only a small amount, please contact the local distributor of Ferrous Fumarate. Any suggestions and questions about the Ferrous Fumarate, please send Email to, we will reply within 24 hours.

Ferrous Fumarate

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Ferrous fumarate is a form of drug that is used to restore the levels of iron in the body during a deficiency. The salt may also be used to prevent gastro-intestinal problems associated with iron deficiency.One of the most important functions of iron in the body is in the formation of red blood cells. Iron is a component of haemoglobin which is the oxygen-carrying pigment of red blood cells.Ferrous fumarate is used to treat iron deficiency anemia (a lack of red blood cells caused by having too little iron in the body).This medicine contains the iron salt, ferrous fumarate which helps restore iron levels in the body when levels are low. The ferrous fumarate salt may help reduce the chances of getting gastro-intestinal problems which are usually associated with other iron salts.Ferrous Fumarate is one of the popular food additives and ingredients in most countries.As a professional Ferrous Fumarate supplier and manufacturer of food additives, Foodchem International Corporation has been supplying quality Ferrous Fumarate to customers all over the world for over 10 years. If you have any questions or wish to receive a quote, please feel free to reach us by email: or by phone: +86 21 2206 3075. Our sales person will get back to you in 1 working day.

  • Specification
IndexCP 2000 edtionUSP28 editionBP2004FCC VEP5.2Feed grade
Drying loss≤/%
Arsenic salt≤/%0.00040.00030.0005-0.00050.0004
Lead salt≤/%0.0050.0010.0020.0020.0020.005

Available Grade of Ferrous Fumarate

  • Food Grade: Ferrous Fumarate is widely used as nutritional supplement in food and beverage industries. Foodchem's food grade Ferrous Fumarate is available as fine powder(>99% purity).
  • Quality Control

    At Foodchem International Corporation, we apply strict quality control process to all our products. All Ferrous Fumarate we provide has been strictly tested under HACCP and ISO standards and proved to be safe for using as food additive.

    Storage&Handling Precaution

    Storage: Ferrous Fumarate should be Kept in dry, cool place.
    Handling Precaution: Handling of Ferrous Fumarate should only be performed by personnel trained and familiar with handling of organic chemicals. Avoid skin and eye contact and breathing in dust. Avoid handling which leads to dust formation.

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