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 Application and Use of Transglutaminase

    Application and Use of Transglutaminase

    by shawn 2017-07-21

    Transglutaminase [ TGase or TG] is an enzyme that catalyzes the transylation reaction leading to covalent cross-linking between proteins (or peptides).

    TG enzyme characteristics

    1. Strong adhesion
    After the meat is treated with the enzyme, it will not be dispersed after being frozen, sliced ​​and cooked.

    2. Good stability
    The optimum pH of TG was 6-7, but it had higher activity in the range of pH5.0 ~ 8.0. When the pH below 5, the enzyme activity decreased rapidly, when the pH above 8 is less than 9, the enzyme activity decreased slowly.

    3. Strong thermal stability
    The optimum temperature of TG is about 52 ℃, and it has high activity in the range of 42 ~ 57 ℃. Especially in the protein food system, the thermal stability of the enzyme will be significantly improved,

    4. use safety




    1.Meat products

    An important question in the processing of meat products is how to reorganize low-value meat, improve the appearance of products, flavor and texture, improve product added value. Since transglutaminase can play an important role in the meat product reorganization, the most extensive use of transglutaminase is the meat industry. Crosslinked proteins can also be used as fat substitutes to produce low-fat meat products. With transglutaminase treatment, can improve the color of meat products. After the cross-linking hemoglobin, can be used as an antioxidant in meat products.

    2.Fish products

    The fish protein forms a gel at low temperatures and is reported to be the result of the transglutaminase activity contained in the fish itself. The transglutaminase activity in different fish in 6 is about 0.1 to 2.4 IU / g (wet weight). Therefore, when the quality of raw materials is relatively poor (such as frozen fish), by adding transglutaminase to improve product gel strength, reduce cooking loss, improve product quality.

    3.Dairy products

    Casein is a good substrate for transglutaminase, where β-casein, κ-casein is superior to α-casein. In cheese production, after transglutaminase treatment, so that whey protein and casein cross-linked together, can improve the yield of cheese. The use of transglutaminase in yogurt production can produce high quality low fat yogurt. Milk protein after transglutaminase treatment, can be used as edible coating, packaging materials, improve product appearance and shelf life.

    4. Plant protein products

    All studies have shown that, after transglutaminase treatment, soybean protein cross-linking occurs, the degree of cross-linking with globulin surface lysine, glutamine content. So by heat treatment, chemical treatment, so that the globulin structure to open, increase its surface lysine and glutamine content. Soybean protein after modification, its solubility, acid stability, emulsification, emulsion stability, gelation are improved.

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