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 FoodTech SUMMIT & EXPO 2017 Mexico

    FoodTech SUMMIT & EXPO 2017 Mexico

    by shawn 2017-06-20

    Foodchem International Corporation will attend FoodTech SUMMIT & EXPO 2017.

    FoodTech SUMMIT & EXPO 2017

    FoodTech SUMMIT & EXPO 2017

    Date:27-28 September 2017
    Location:Centro Banamex Mexico City
    Booth number:2241


    For this exhibition, it include all those industries: such as Food Packaging, Food industry, Food technology and Meal.

    Held each year which attract all those customers from the world, 90% of the visitors are decision makers or influential on decision-making processes.

    This is our forth time to attend this exhibition and the first time to show our own Gelatin and Animal Functional Protein factory there.

    Through this exhibition, we learn more about customers and this market, and at same time, it helps customer to know more about Foodchem.

    Welcome to join us! And for further information about Foodchem International Corporation, please visit and contact us at

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