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 Health Effects of Konjac Gum in Food

    Health Effects of Konjac Gum in Food

    by shawn 2014-09-18

    Konjac Gum, CAS# 37220-17-0, is popular natural gum isolated from the corm of konjac plant, available as White or light yellow fine powder. It’s widely used in various food products.

    Konjac Gum and Weight Loss

    Konjac gum poses high water absorbent and high swelling capacity when ingested. It swells 60-100 times in stomach forming a soft gel which will slow the digestion process and energy absorption. Another fact is that Konjac gum gel increase feelings of fullness or satiety significantly, resulting in decrease of calories consumption.

    Konjac Gum and Cancer

    Konjac gum gel absorbs Cholesterol in stomach and Intestine and interferes with the metabolism of cancer cells. Konjac gum can form semipermeable membrane to protect stomach and Intestine from various hazardous substances. Konjac gum is proofed to be effective in preventing Thyroid carcinoma, gastric cardia cancer, colon cancer, nasopharyngeal carcinoma.

    Konjac Gum and Detoxification

    Konjac Gum gel can absorb hazardous substances in stomach and Intestine. The laxative effect of konjac gum can accelerate elimination of these hazardous substances.

    Konjac Gum and Stomach health

    Konjac gum can protect Gastric mucosa from various hazardous substances and clean the stomach.

    With these health benefits, konjac gum is considered as a perfectly healthy food substance and is widely used as dietary supplement.

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