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 Health Food Ingredients Research and Development Joint LAB

    Health Food Ingredients Research and Development Joint LAB

    by shawn 2017-08-30

    Foodchem International Corporation-JiangNan University

    Health Food Ingredients Research and Development Joint LAB

    Jiangnan University Food Institute in China to create the earliest disciplines, the best foundation, the most extensive coverage, now has the only Chinese food field of food science and engineering at the national level key disciplines and food science and technology State Key Laboratory, with national function Food engineering technology research center, food fermentation technology and technology national engineering laboratory, "national food enterprise quality and safety testing technology demonstration center (Wuxi)", national grain and oil standard research and verification center platform.

    College currently has a total of 6 doctoral, master's degree 9, 2 undergraduate professional. In 2012 the Ministry of Education at the national level assessment, the food science and engineering disciplines reelected the first in the country. In 2011, the food science and engineering undergraduate professional passed the United States IFT international food professional certification, marking the Jiangnan University food talent training has reached the international advanced level. According to ESI latest statistics, our school agricultural science for the first time into the ESI top 1 ‰, the world ranked 54th.

    Nearly five years, the college received more than 130 provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological awards, including five national science and technology awards, national and provincial and ministerial level scientific research projects more than 330, vertical and horizontal project funding of 586 million yuan.

    College adhering to the "ground industry, innovation, first, win-win" spirit, keep making progress, meet the challenge, with a new attitude, firm confidence, shoulder the revitalization of China's food industry's responsibility.

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