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 The Application and Introduction of non-dairy creamer

    The Application and Introduction of non-dairy creamer

    by shawn 2017-04-17

    Dairy creamer, also known as creamer, is refined vegetable oil or hydrogenated vegetable oil, casein as the main raw material of new products. The product in the food production and processing has a special role, but also a modern food.

    Performance characteristics

    1. Fat content can be adjusted, ranging from 5% -82%, grease varieties can also be selected according to need.
    2. Functional properties (water-soluble, emulsifying, foaming) excellent, to meet the processing needs of different food areas.
    3. Variety of flavor, the product can be perfumed, color, seasoning or strengthen the vitamin trace elements.
    4. Microencapsulated products easier to store, not easy to oxidation, good stability, the flavor is not easy to lose.
    5. Can replace expensive milk fat, cocoa fat or some milk protein.

    Application scope

    Non Dairy Creamer
    Beverages: coffee drinks, milk drinks, instant milk powder, ice cream and so on.
    Food: instant cereal, fast food noodles, convenience foods, bread, biscuits, sauce, chocolate, rice flour and so on.

    The use of high quality vegetable fats with casein sperm production, used in milk powder, coffee, cereals, seasonings and related products, although can improve the taste of food, but contains a lot of harmful substances on
    the human body.

    Can be used to improve the internal structure of food, fat and fat, so that the delicate taste, lubrication and thick, it is a good mate of coffee products can be used for instant cereals, cakes, biscuits, so that the cake organization delicate, improve flexibility; Can improve the crisp, easy to take oil.

    At the end of the plant, it is possible to replace the milk powder or reduce the amount of milk in the food processing, so that the production cost can be reduced while maintaining the quality of the product.

    Creamer and milk powder difference

    1. Milk powder is a direct spray of natural milk from the dry, as a natural agricultural and livestock products, there is a certain standard proportion, not allowed to add any other things (seasoning milk powder and functional milk powder).

    2. And "creamer" is a lot of products used in coffee when collectively referred to, more refers to the artificial modulation by the end of fat. When milk or milk powder used in coffee, its purpose is to play: whitening, thickening, slippery, and bitter role, is the "creamer" one. But the use of the same coffee in the end of the end of fat, although the "creamer" one, but it can be tailor-made, there is no certain standard ratio, mainly hydrogenated vegetable oil, carbohydrate, casein-based raw materials , Supplemented by emulsifier, stabilizer, flavor, pigment synthesis, the general use of coffee at the end of fat, its nutritional value is far lower than the milk, but also specifically for the end of the infant formula, Acid and other unsaturated fatty acids.

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