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 Halal Certified Isomalt

    Halal Certified Isomalthalal certification

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    Foodchem has been supplying halal certified ingredients to customers all over the world since 2006. With almost 10 years experience and devotion in halal ingredients, we have established strict control over manufacturing process of our halal ingredients. Customers can 100% trust us on the quality of the halal ingredients we provided. Isomalt is a popular halal ingredient used in food and beverage. We have been supplying halal Isomalt for years. If you have any questions or wish to receive a quote, please feel free to reach us by email: or by phone: +86 21 2206 3075. Our sales person will get back to you in 1 working day.

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    ApperanceGranule 4-20mesh
    Water(free and crystal)≤7.0%
    Reducing Sugars (as glucose)≤0.3%
    Total sugar (as glucose)≤0.5%
    Ash content≤0.05%
    Total heavy metal (as lead)≤10mg/kg
    Aerobic bacterial count≤500cuf/g
    Coliform bacteria≤3MPN/g
    Causative organismNegative
    Yeasts and moulds≤10cuf/100g
    Particle sizeMin.90%(between 830 um and 4750 um)

    Halal is an Arabic word means lawful or permitted. It is always mentioned along with Haraam which means sinful or prohibited by Allah. At the same time, you will also be able to find another related term in Islamic food, mushbooh which means doubtful or suspect as it is unclear whether they are Halal or Haraam. For mushbooh food, the products’ source and manufacturing process need to be audited to decide whether it’s halal or haraam.


    Isomalt is an equimolar mixture of two disaccharides. As a plant derived ingredients, Isomalt is general recognized as halal. We will still audit another 2 key points to make sure that our Isomalt is 100% halal: Are there any pig products used in manufacturing process of this ingredient? Does the ingredient contain Alcohol (impure) or other haraam ingredients?

    The manufacturing process of Isomalt is pig-free; the raw materials (or culture medium) are cane sugar or corn starch. No other haraam ingredients will be used used in manufacturing process of Isomalt.

    As a top food ingredients supplier, Foodchem has been supplying halal certified Isomalt to customers all over the world for many years. Halal certification will be provided along with all our halal products on requirement. Feel free to contact us if you need halal certified Isomalt. Email: Tel: +86-21-2206-3075.

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