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 Innovative Caps with Healthy Ingredients – Create Your Own Sugar Free Drink In 1 Second

    Innovative Caps with Healthy Ingredients – Create Your Own Sugar Free Drink In 1 Second

    by shawn 2014-07-29

    Seven years ago, Alister Gates met his future wife, holding fizzy drinks, the first thing she said is, "You're not going to drink that, are you?"

    Sugar intolerance, Gates's wife has spent years research product labels and trying to eat sugar-free.

    "Like most people, I did not even think of sugar content, but you buy anything at the supermarket within sugar, it is incredible," he said.

    After studying sugar bottled drinks, Gates try to market a sugar-free product.

    Two years ago, the founder of a company and Oakland, he was CEO of VitalZing, has a range of beverage products - sugar-free.

    Drink series, including electrolytes, green tea, vitamin water, collagen protein drinks, and concentrated flavor drops of water, using a sealing cap of the company from the United States BlastMax.

    Cover to keep vitamins and Stevia - herb acts as a natural sweetener from the stevia leaf is made. Sealing cap can be pushed down to release the product into the water. Gates said that in the water, beneficial ingredients, such as vitamins and probiotics break down very fast, it takes a lot of preservatives.

    Need to remove the cap additives and preservatives, as it is sealed until ready to drink beverage.

    Gates said his goal is to change the culture has been sweetened products.

    Dosing cap technology is watched by several major players in the beverage industry.

    "I think we will see in the next 12 to 18 months of turning this new technology, and I said that there will be a dosing cap technology, is the world's largest companies."

    VitalZing range of products around the food show will launch next month, Gates said he was working on some new products to add to the range, including sugar-free bars and powders.

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