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 2018: Focus Together To Create A Win-Win Situation-Letter From CEO

    2018: Focus Together To Create A Win-Win Situation-Letter From CEO

    by shawn 2018-01-12

    Dear Foodchem Partners,

    On the last working day of 2017, I sit in my office and write this New Year message for everyone. This habit has been insisted for 8 years.

    In 2017, we have achieved gratifying results:

    1. Our team continues to expand, sales continues to increase.
    2. FOODMATE Gelatin sales division goes gradually on track.
    3. FOODSWEET Sodium Saccharin production plant successfully put into operation.
    4. R & D gradually expands by building a laboratory of healthy food ingredients with Jiangnan University.

    The next three years, the company will adhere to the development strategy of "trade, manufacturing and technology", we will continue to expand and strengthen the trade of conventional products, continuously integrate resource advantages of "manufacturing" and "technology", establish overseas warehouses in key markets, expanding upstream supply chain and downstream customer demand for products, continuously extend the vertical direction of the industrial chain and enhance the company's supply chain integration capability.

    2018 is willing to "focus together to create a win-win situation", to achieve a healthy and sustainable development!

    Wish you a good health and a happy new year!

    Best regards,
    Lemon Zhang

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